Update to Coronavirus measures (Spring Semester)

To Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff:

While the number of infected cases is increasing nationwide and in Fukuoka Prefecture, Kyushu University has been informed of multiple new COVID-19 cases and close contacts since the beginning of April.
In particular, cases of infection and close contacts at home have continuously been reported, and increasing number of new variant cases in Fukuoka Prefecture further raises concerns.
Please be fully aware of this situation and to take the following measures to prevent infection in your activities on and off campus.

【Thorough infection prevention measures】
・Wearing a mask (on and off campus)
・Sterilization and hygiene (Regularly disinfect your hands, desks, and chairs, etc. with alcohol disinfectant or sterilizing sheets)
・Avoiding the “3 Cs.”
・Temperature check (actively utilize thermometers placed around the campus)
・Limiting to a small number of people when dining together (wear a mask when talking, and refrain from talking while eating)
・Proper ventilation in your room
・Getting enough sleep and maintaining a healthy diet
・If you have a fever or other health problems, refrain from going out and take a rest as soon as possible.

※Flow Chart on What to Do If You Have Cold-like Symptoms

In particular, the cafeterias and stores tend to be crowded at certain times and places. Please make sure to wear a mask when talking, avoid crowded cafeterias, prepare lunch in advance, and avoid crowded spaces. (For example, please bear in mind “Big Sand” in the Center Zone has a cafeteria not only on the first floor but also in the basement)

At Kyushu University, classes are taught using a combination of in-person and remote classes. Based on the results of the measures taken so far, we are planning to implement in-person classes more actively in the 2021 academic year after taking all possible measures to prevent infection.

However, with the increase in the number of infected in Fukuoka Prefecture and the growing threat of the highly infectious mutant virus, if the number of infected individuals on campus increases and the risk of infection within the university increases, we will have to consider switching to remote classes for a certain number of students for a certain period of time.
In order to avoid such a situation as much as possible, we would like to ask all students, faculty and staff to cooperate in the thorough implementation of infection prevention measures and to make preparations in advance for the complete switch to remote classes.

【In case of coronavirus infection, etc.】
In order to prevent the spread of infection within the university, Kyushu University needs to be informed of any infected cases as soon as possible.
Please immediately contact the department;
if you have a positive PCR or other test result, or have taken a PCR or other test at a medical institution by a doctor’s discretion, or have been notified by a public health center that you are identified as either a contact or a close contact of an infected individual.
We ask for your cooperation in protecting the lives and health of yourself, your family, and the society.

*Affiliated department
Faculty and staff: Contact the general affairs section in your department
Contact List: https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ja/contact/department/
(Only available in Japanese)
Students: Contact the student affairs section in your school or faculty
First-year undergraduates should contact Academic Affairs Section Education Support Division
Student Affairs Department
Contact list: https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/notices/view/191

April 12, 2021
Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters

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