April 27 COVID-19 Response Measures

To Kyushu University Students, Faculty & Staff:

From April 27th (Tue), Kyushu U will strengthen its infection control measures against Covid-19.
・ Strictly refraining from moving to areas where a state of emergency has been declared
・ Refraining from accepting visitors from areas where a state of emergency has been declared
・ Suspension of face-to-face extracurricular activities until May 11
* Please refer to the text below for details.

【Updates on Kyushu U and Fukuoka/Government】
Six students tested positive for COVID -19 on April 24 (Sat).
It has been asked to refrain from dining in a large group, but unfortunately, five out of eight people who had a dinner with drinking tested positive for COVID-19. Fukuoka City may declare this case a cluster.
Amid a resurgence of infections, some still act irresponsibly and there is also a report about three students contracting COVID-19 after they went to karaoke together.
Fukuoka prefecture confirmed 300 new COVID-19 infections in two consecutive days over the last weekend, becoming increasingly alarming situations.
Moreover, a third state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic was declared on April 25 (Sun), leading to stricter restrictions imposed in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectures.
In view of all the above, Kyushu U will strengthen the restrictions on activities as follows effective from April 24 (Tue).

(Strengthening the restrictions on activities)
-Maintaining Kyushu U guidance level of “1.5 Partial restrictions”
-Strictly refraining from moving to areas where a state of emergency has been declared
– Refraining from accepting visitors from areas where a state of emergency has been declared
-Suspension of face-to-face extracurricular activities until May 11
* Extracurricular activity groups that need to continue their activities for special reasons, please consult with the department in charge individually.

*Regarding the latest Kyushu U Guidance Level
To be announced on the Kyushu U website when it is ready.

・ If a person close to you contracted COVID-19 or you have decided to undergo a PCR test, contact the department in charge immediately.
・ If you have a cold-like symptom such as fever, cough or headache, report it to the department immediately according to the link below.
・ Considering the current infection situation, your department may announce changes in some classes such as switching face-to-face to remote classes, cancellation/reschedule of classes, and so forth. Please pay close attention to notices from your department.
・ If Fukuoka prefecture/the government tightens the restrictions on activities, Kyushu U will promptly take proper steps according to the changes.

*Affiliated department
Faculty and staff: Contact the general affairs section in your department
Contact List: https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/ja/contact/department/
(Only available in Japanese)
Students: Contact the student affairs section in your school or faculty
First-year undergraduates should contact Academic Student Support Section,Student Support
Division,Student Affairs Department
Contact list: https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/notices/view/191
※Flow Chart on What to Do If You Have Cold-like Symptoms

April 26, 2021
Novel Coronavirus Crisis Response Headquarters

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